Do you have what it takes to drone down the clones of Assange?

If you think you have, then you will first and foremost need a pad like an xbox 360/xbone pad (sorry, no mouse and keyboard!), a tiny bit of patience, and to follow these instructions:

  • Left stick for roll and pitch
  • Right stick for yaw and throttle
  • D-pad for camera rotation
  • A to kill throttle
  • X to flip directions for left stick
  • B to change camera
  • Right shoulderbutton (held) to realign camera
  • Y to reset

Good luck out there! I know you can take them all down! (Just fly into them.)

P.S. This game has no sound so far.
P.P.S. This game controls like shit but I am leaving it up as a reminder to how far I have come with the drone simulator since I built this. :3c

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