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How to control with a PAD

  • Left stick for yaw and pitch
  • Right stick for roll and throttle
  • D-pad for camera rotation
  • RB to reset camera rotation
  • Left Stick Button toggles stabiliser
  • Y to start/stop engines
  • X toggles fixed hover height
  • B to change camera
  • A toggles camera uptilt
  • Select to toggle control mode
  • Start to reset

There are currently 4 control modes that change the directional input for the left and right analogue joysticks. The written settings are for "FPS 1".

How to control with your MOUSE and KEYBOARD

  • W & S controls pitch
  • A & D controls yaw
  • Q, E, left & right arrows controls roll
  • R to start/stop engines
  • Space & up arrow thrusts up
  • Left shift & down arrow thrusts down
  • Mouse rotates camera
  • TAB changes camera
  • C resets camera
  • F toggles camera uptilt
  • B toggles the battery
  • H toggles fixed hover height
  • X toggles acrobatics mode
  • U toggles the HUD
  • O toggles draw distance based on framerate
  • P toggles the possibility of O
  • toggles debug screen
  • Backspace resets

How to get the drone in the air

  1. Check that the drone has battery by switching camera from outside to FPV by clicking either B on the pad or TAB on the keyboard.
  2. Activate the engines by pushing either Y on the pad or R on the keyboard.
  3. To take off push the throttle-stick upwards or press up arrow or space on the keyboard.
  4. Release directions once desired height has been reached.
  5. You are now flying. If not, let me know in the comments below.

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