How to control with a PAD

  • Left stick for yaw and pitch
  • Right stick for roll and throttle
  • D-pad for camera rotation
  • RB to reset camera rotation
  • LB toggles acrobatics mode
  • Y to toggle kill throttle
  • X toggles fixed hover height
  • B to change camera
  • A toggles camera uptilt
  • Both stick buttons toggle battery
  • Select to toggle control mode
  • Start to reset

There are currently 4 control modes that change the directional input for the left and right analogue joysticks. The written settings are for "FPS 1".

How to control with your MOUSE and KEYBOARD

  • W & S controls pitch
  • A & D controls yaw
  • Q, E, left & right arrows controls roll
  • R to toggle kill throttle
  • Space & up arrow thrusts up
  • Left shift & down arrow thrusts down
  • Mouse rotates camera
  • TAB changes camera
  • C resets camera
  • F toggles camera uptilt
  • B toggles the battery
  • H toggles fixed hover height
  • X toggles acrobatics mode
  • U toggles the HUD
  • Backspace resets


This is attempting to be the most accurate real-time 3D drone simulator in existence. It is going to be used to showcase the modular utility drone and its platform with as much functionality as possible to reflect their potential real-life usage. The deadline for a decent presentation is the 1st of December 2016.

This is really early WIP in progress work and just meant to test. It's in constant development too. Physics and handling need to be tweaked and more functionality needs to be added. Right now you can only fly around and see if you can get the twenty red balls. :3c

The filesize is around 67 megabytes now! Sorry~! (This is because a lot of textures are being used.)

P.S. Thanks for all the feedback! I have implemented all the changes requested now. If you have more requests, let me know.

P.P.S. This game is getting the VR-treatment soon thanks to Youblob. :3

Known bugs and issues:
  1. Drone control handling is a tiny bit inaccurate (and weird when you turn off the stabiliser).
  2. Decreased performance compared to earlier (because of the water).
  3. Filesize is getting out of hand right now, but will be lowered.
  4. The drone has only shadows on the platform in FPV.
  5. The sun appears when it feels like it.
  6. Static object hitboxen are inaccurate and wonky.
  7. The spinning propellers don't accurately reflect thrust.

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