How to control with a PAD

  • Left stick for roll and pitch
  • Right stick for yaw and throttle
  • D-pad for camera rotation
  • RB to reset camera rotation
  • LB toggles acrobatics mode
  • Y to toggle kill throttle
  • X to flip directions for left stick
  • B to change camera
  • A to toggle camera uptilt
  • Select to toggle control mode
  • Start to reset
  • Both stick buttons toggle battery

How to control with your MOUSE and KEYBOARD

  • W & S controls pitch
  • A & D controls yaw
  • Mouse controls roll and pitch
  • Q to toggle kill throttle
  • Space thrusts up
  • Left shift thrusts down
  • Arrow keys rotate camera
  • TAB changes camera
  • C resets camera
  • F toggles camera uptilt
  • B toggles the battery
  • E flips mouse directions
  • X toggles acrobatics mode
  • Backspace resets

This is really early WIP in progress work and just meant to test. Physics and handling needs to be tweaked and more functionality needs to be added. Right now you can only fly around and see if you can get the ten balls. :3c

P.S. Thanks for all the feedback! I have implemented a few of the changes requested already.

Known bugs and issues:
  1. Rendering glitches in the distance.
  2. Static object hitboxen are inaccurate and wonky.
  3. The spinning propellers don't accurately reflect thrust.
  4. The camera will still reset its position if you start the operation before unplugging the battery it has lost its power.
  5. That really odd one-time happening when the force applied went into overdrive that I cannot for the life of me reproduce

More information

Published18 days ago
AuthorColonthree Enterprises
Tags3D, drone, drones, Education, flying, simulation, simulator, Singleplayer, unity
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers, Joystick
Player countSingleplayer

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