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I got it set up  with my flight stick which works good but the other inputs (like camera change for example) don't seem to work after I switch to custom input. It would be nice if you could assign them to different buttons on controllers.

Sorry, but this project will not be continued. ;_;

Oh well :(

There might be other drone-projects, though. ;w;

Ok let me know :)

As mentioned for another poster, if there is significant interest in maintaining this project I might as well work on this. :3c

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why not? it seems pretty dope tbh, like almost life like handling just needs a little graphical work and polishing and you could probably slap this into a AAA game as a cool game mechanic, keep it up my guy!

Well, if there reasonable interest for it, I might. ;w;

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Sweet! Love how the dust kicks up. Took me a minute to figure out you had to start the engine first though...

Also, I could only get some of the keyboard controls to work (desktop, linux, Firefox/Chrome/Chromium)
- W, S, A, D, Q, E, R, B, X Space/Up, LShift/Down, Ctrl, Tab, Backspace
Not Working (does nothing):
- C, F, H, U, L (not sure about O), (not sure what P does?)

And I can't get the mouse to do anything (like move the camera).

But other wise sweet! Loads fast, runs smooth and is very responsive to input.

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Hi man, sorry about your difficulties. I have mainly made this for controller-support, and in specific the X-boxen-range of controllers (360 and Xbone).

To get the mouse to work you need the pointer over the game window. Try playing in fullscreen, maybe that will work. Also WebGL isn't satisfyingly supported in a few browsers yet so there might still be issues.

I will look into this, though. Thank you for letting me know.

No worries! For a prototype it's actually kinda fun to play.

I can't get the mouse to do anything except display a cursor over the game though (tried full screen, tried clicking on the game) - but it might just be a linux thing.

If you developed mainly for the controller, it makes sense that the odd keyboard/mouse bug could be lurking around.


This might be dumb but try clicking the game window with the mouse cursor over it and then try dragging the mouse around.

If this doesn't work then I don't know what is going on. Due to security concerns I cannot capture the mouse if it is outside the game window, so try fullscreen.