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Great to see you working on this. I love the aesthetic. Missing content but it's the best shrub flattening simulator I've played. Car is a bit squirrelly but I got it going 190-ish MPH... I think. The speedometer is hard to read. Either way keep up the progress! :D


Oh, my, I didn't expect comments on this. ;w;

I have come a considerable long way since this prototype now. The next update will be very different!

I agree with you about the aesthetic. Low poly is cool. I'd love a GTA type city too. Fantastic animations.


Thank you. ;w; I am trying to make a large map with cities for this as we type. The biggest challenge is the character controller which involves an active ragdoll. Once I have that in place I can generate a test city and put out a new update.

Cool! I'm excited!


I hope it will be worth it. :3

You can follow some of the development on my Twitter here: