This is extremely early WIP, so expect bad stuff!

This is currently a performance test to see what is possible to achieve in WebGL. The goal is to make it playable with all the graphics I intend to put in, hopefully at a stable 60 fps on most machines, including mid-range laptops. 

Should you encounter freezes or hiccups, it's mostly due to the GPU-instancing in WebGL. Workarounds and fixes are on their way.

Current Creosote-bush count: 82880329(x11) 168598195

Current .ZIP-ed size: 19.1mb 19.5mb

How to controle

  • Left pad stick or AD to turn
  • Shoulder buttons R1 and L1 or WS for speed
  • Right pad stick or IJKL controls camera
  • Analogue triggers (are RIP?) or WS for car speed
  • D-pad controls turret direction
  • X on pad or E on keyboard enters and leaves cars
  • B on pad or spacebar for jump or handbrake
  • A fires turret inside car
  • Select on pad or C on keyboard for camera distance
  • Right stick button or Z on keyboard resets camera position
  • X on pad or F on keyboard for headlights toggle
  • Y on pad or R on keyboard to reset car position
  • A on pad or E on keyboard for random musings until they run out

Restart the game by reloading the webpage.

Development log


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Prediction for the next update and future update

What I think: More new cars, Other playable characters, New dialogues with some removed, The promised controls like E to enter or exit your car, New playable maps (Ex: Cities, Forest and Islands), Can drive boat, train and plane, Story Mode, Multiple Endings, Passengers in your car, New enemies npc, Actual working radio with either your own music or music most likely from NCS (No Copyright Music), Death Animation and Game Over Screen.  

But my actual question is how long is the map and how long does the time went from day to night?

Sorry to be so slow on updates here, but this game is being turned into something a lot grander and we just got a lot of funding to do so. ;w;)

Outcheck it at :3

Ok but I was wondering how long is the map and how much time did it went from day to night in the game?

I hope development for this isn't over ;c

No, it is still going. I have made a lot of new cars and progress, my only issue is that I have very little time to do this so it's not going as fast as it could. ;_;

ok its just that the game is still the way it was 1 year ago for me.

I work full-time 9-5, and for some reason did not get furlough'd yet, so I haven't had as much time to spend on this as I would like to. However, the next update will be huge. It will almost be the full game. ;w;

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I would love to see this game to be added on. It is a great concept. I can't wait for the next update. One thing I would like to see is the ability to map the control scheme for my controller.

It is indeed being worked on as we type. :3

Unfortunately I work full-time so things are moving a little slow...

Ok. I love these type of games, so even if things are moving slow, it is a great game. I wish I could donate,  but I am poor so... colon open parenthesis. :(

Don't worry. Hopefully I'll get some more development time later this year to speed things up. ;w;

the game feels dead at least add npcs or traffic BIRDS AT LEAST

Hi, sorry about the late response, but this game is as stated an early prototype. So please be patient. The game is being worked on. ;w;

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oop ,will you tho?

The game is still being worked on! x3

please add first person to the car at least PLEASE.

Yes, it will come. :3c

omg yesh ;D

the car start up seems to stutter every time the page loads but after that its fine. if it helps i play most open world games at medium to low quality for about 50-60 fps. by the way the love this visual style beyond the low poly style.

I guess I can hold off starting the game until the shaders have warmed up and all objects have been allocated in memory. I have the same problem too. I just have to be clever with this to avoid a too long startup time. ;w;

The ragdoll on people you drive over are fun. It also runs pretty good. Perhaps you can add some sound though.

Sounds will come! Also ragdolls are extremely complex even though they don't look like it. I am happy they perform well. :3

Great to see you working on this. I love the aesthetic. Missing content but it's the best shrub flattening simulator I've played. Car is a bit squirrelly but I got it going 190-ish MPH... I think. The speedometer is hard to read. Either way keep up the progress! :D


Oh, my, I didn't expect comments on this. ;w;

I have come a considerable long way since this prototype now. The next update will be very different!

I agree with you about the aesthetic. Low poly is cool. I'd love a GTA type city too. Fantastic animations.


Thank you. ;w; I am trying to make a large map with cities for this as we type. The biggest challenge is the character controller which involves an active ragdoll. Once I have that in place I can generate a test city and put out a new update.

Cool! I'm excited!


I hope it will be worth it. :3

You can follow some of the development on my Twitter here: