How to control

Use an X-Box pad or a pad with dual analogue sticks for best results (camera only works with joystick input), but keyboard is fine too.

  1. Left stick to move (or WASD/directional arrows)
  2. Right stick for camera
  3. Y or space to jump

Known bugs and issues

  • Jerky animations when running
  • Bad animation transitions
  • Clip through objects and fall through the sea
  • Mostly everything is unfinished

Should you fall off just reload the game. :3c


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y button Makes her Jump quakeulf

The game is dead. ;_;

Well Rest in Peace to your Catmouth Game Colonthree Enterprise😢

Sorry... but the codebase is so tangled up in deprecated Unity-commands and other issues it would take way too long to expand upon. ;_;

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oh and Colonthree Enterprises Rest in Piece to your Catmouth game we are all going miss your Catmouth game and you have good run to your Catmouth game Colonthree Enterprises i hope you read this comment -Kyle

Well, 789 is in the same universe starring the police lady from Catmouth Island, so it lives on. ;w;