is a game where you must click the numbers in the right sequence from lowest to highest. If you miss, you lose, and must reset.

If you click fast through the numbers you get an additional bonus streak! :3

Say hi to Kat (she's the game's mascot)! :3


This game is a very early prototype designed to test out some ideas in Unity 3D. Due to limited time not much as been done with the game, but due to recent developments some gameplay-issues will be addressed.

Thank you all for your interest in the game!

Development log


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I fail levels but never understand why.

Do the colours have any bearing on gameplay? Like some squares are light-blue... One level had two 2s...

Yes, the red numbers are evil so don't click them. ;w;

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Can you put more information in the instructions?

Include what the colours mean, whether or not you need to click on numbers that disappear, etc etc.

I know it's lacking... ;_;

It's something I would have to spend a bit of time on, and currently I am very busy with 789 and my 9-5, so it would have to be whenever I have time. Currently not that many people are interested in this game, and according to the stats, if I were to make a guide it would be just for you.

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This game is surprisingly difficult and really fun!  And Kat is an adorable, very encouraging, and welcoming mascot.I love it, and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.


Aw, thank you. :3c 

There is a bit of work left to be done for this game, like a rebalance, a mode selection, and of course music and sounds, but sadly I am experiencing a string of bad luck that removes all available spare time I have to work on this... Hopefully I will get some time for this slowly over the next weeks. ;w;

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Current build will freeze at random times, forcing you to refresh the page (at least in my case, tried in google chrome and mozilla)
otherwise it's still a simple and addicting game!

It's a Unity-issue apparently... I also have the same with 789. I hope to be able to figure out why it happens. The profiling in the editor shows nothing. Sorry about this... ;_;

current build seems to force game-over if you click on a square of a flashing number when it isn't visible 

That's because you can only click it when it is. They are toggle tiles and need to be clicked in time.

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I would recommend making it so that instead of flashing in and out of existence, it flashes between a regular number and a red number, so it's more clear that clicking it = bad ;w;


Yes, there is lots of room for improvements... uwu

I love the art 10/10. The mechanics are really easy and at first I was thinking it would be mixture of Minesweeper and Sodoku. Make it harder for sure. 

There might be more gameplay mechanics added when I get time. ;w;