Yes, the game is still actively being onworked! :3

Greetings, and long time no post! ;w;

As it has been a while since an update has been post'd, I thought it would be quaint to have at least an acknowledgement that the game is still in active development, and that hopefully going forward things will start speeding up towards a new update and subsequent release. :3

The Parametric Object Creation

First up, it's how things are to be generated in the game. Attaught to this here poste, is a video which describes a little about how the game will be in its inception. The main reasoning behind generating 3D-geometry on the fly, or at run-time after game start, is ease of access. This is because a huge download is terrible, especial-lee for online games. Besides, this has added benefits like functioning as random generation, as well as offering a flexible format that is easy to work with so that I don't have to spend all my time making the graffix.

The Audio

The game mite be silent now, but with the gracious help offered by a former id Software/(Facebo)Oculus legend, the game will hereby feature all the sounds you would come to expect (and then some!) of a game of this (soul) calibeur.

So please, watch the video at your own leisure, and don't be afraid, the game is still happening, it's only taking forever due to my 9-5...

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